Danders & More – Your friend in a red market

In the last year, the world has been turned upside down well and thoroughly. Housing prices are gradually soaring, the money can no longer stand in peace in the banks, and companies must constantly run faster and faster if they want to keep their nose above water. For some, the new times have proved to be a goldmine – for others, they have meant a constant time of crisis.

But all crises can be handled. Often it is just a matter of proper distribution, both of values, time and competencies. And for many people, it is logical to involve more professional forces in the heart child that a company or a capital reserve most often is. That is why we have chosen to guide you through the jungle of law firms, and directly into the law firm Danders & More. A highly competent international law firm, specializing in i.a. property law, M&A and IT law.

Keeps your head cool in a boiling housing market

The housing market is glowing red this year. Danmarks Nationalbank currently estimates that house prices will rise by more than 13% on average this year alone. It goes without saying that that growth is not sustainable in the too long future. Therefore, it is extremely important that you, as a current buyer, seller or contractor, ally yourself with a strong law firm, with control of all the details of both due diligence, contractual relationships and transactional relationships. In short, you need the law firm Danders & More.

With 3 razor-sharp lawyers who are used to handling legal proceedings, both when it comes to buying, selling and building real estate, you are fully guarded when you first enter the blood-red real estate market. With a pragmatic approach to contracting, the contractor will always have the best cards on hand, as long as he or she has chosen Danders & More. At the same time, you will be spared future disputes that can often be costly and lengthy.

Experts in M&A

Based on several years of solid work in both small and medium-sized Danish companies as well as in multinational, listed businesses, Danders & More advises companies in connection with e.g. capital raising, stock market conditions and generational change. The key word is optimization, and it applies right from due diligence to contract preparation. At Danders & More, you will find the M&A advisor who sees opportunities where others see limitations.

Danders & More has many years of experience in buying and selling companies. Here, the client is helped all the way from A to Z, and can always find valuable advice, regardless of whether the client is sitting on one side or the other of the table. And this is exactly what sets Danders & More apart from other law firms. This is because they are not only lawyers, but also fully clothed business advisers, with rich experience in closing agreements and carrying out complex transactions. If you are facing a future merger, seek a professional M&A advisor and be sure of a correct and solid process that everyone benefits from.

GDPR & IPR – How and how?

Personal data, and in particular the law about it, has become a difficult size to work with, the more digital the world has become. But all companies today have responsibilities, obligations and rights related to personal data and its usability. Both as a business, but also as customers. Danders & More acts as your professional advisor, who with a commercial understanding of both your market and your company guides you through the jungle of legislation that has grown up in recent years. Especially online companies can benefit from advice on this.

This is because the customer relationship often becomes more “personal” in the sense that a higher degree of information is shared. Therefore, it is also necessary if you run an online business that you have control over exactly how customers’ data should be processed. Do you feel unsure about this, or do you have questions about. delivery, development or licensing agreements, do not hesitate to contact Danders & More.

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